Walking School Bus

Walking School Bus

A fun, safe and active way for children to travel to school!

Parnell District School now runs a walking school bus– a safe and fun way for children to walk to and from school with other children, supervised by a rostered group of parents.

We currently have 4 walking school bus routes ‘up and walking’:


Begins at the Cathedral. It crosses at St Stephens Ave and Parnell Rise and ends at the school pedestrian crossing on Gladstone Rd.

The Route Leader is Philip Jordan and his email address is: philjord@ihug.co.nz

Begins at the intersection of Stanwell St and Cleveland Rd. It ends at the school pedestrian crossing on Gladstone Road.

The Route Leaders are Ross & Adrienne Speakman and they can be emailed at ad.speakman@gmail.com

Would begin at Quay Street Carpark however we’ve had little interest so far for this route.

Please contact Miss Hedstrom if you are interested in being part of this route – annah@parnell.school.nz

Begins at the corner of St Stephens Ave and Judge Street. It crosses at Canterbury Place and ends at school.

The route leader is Rachel Donovan and she can be emailed at rdonovan@enternet.co.nz

For more information about any of these routes please contact the route leader and they will be happy to help you and provide you with the appropriate consent form and pledge in order for your child to join.

Walking School Buses

In an effort to ease traffic congestion and improve safety around our school, we would like to establish several walking school bus routes. The walking bus provides a regular way for your children to enjoy walking and being outside.

About the walking school bus

A walking school bus usually has at least one adult ‘driver’ who walks along an agreed route, collecting all children waiting at designated ‘bus stops’ and walking them to school. After school, they walk back along the same route.

Are you interested?
We would like to gauge support for setting up a walking school bus for our school by having you complete a survey. If we have enough interest, we would like to start the walking school buses most or every school day from  the end of Term 3 or the beginning of Term 4. The service will be free and a coordinator will organise parent volunteers to act as leaders. There will be a maximum of 8 children per adult and, while it’s a great thing to do, you don’t have to volunteer if you’re unable to.

Children can use the bus every day or on whatever days suit the family. Routes will be established along the roads most used by our students, depending on the level of interest shown by parents and their willingness to volunteer as leaders.

Let’s get involved to make our school a safer place and do our bit for the environment. Please download the parent survey and return it to the school office by Tuesday, 20th August or you may email it to either Susan Bridgman –susanb@parnell.school.nz or Anna Hedstrom – annah@parnell.school.nz.

The walking school bus helps get rid of the traffic congestion around the school gate, making it much safer for our students – and better for the environment too!

The service will be free and we have a number of parent volunteers who will act as our leaders.

Children can use the ‘bus’ every day or on whatever days suit the family. Routes have been established along the roads most used by our students and each route will have a designated adult leader each morning, and some afternoons.

If you completed a survey stating that you wanted your child/children involved, you should have now received the Walking School Bus consent form and pledge. Over the holidays you will be contacted by the parent leader of your ‘bus’ route. This person will let you know the ‘kiss & drop’ point along with the start time. It will then be your responsibility to keep in touch with this person if your details change. Ms Bridgman & Miss Hedstrom.

Many thanks to those parents who completed the ‘Walking School Bus’ questionnaire. We look forward to sharing with you more information about times, routes and expectations once we have meet with our fabulous parent volunteers.  If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email either Susan Bridgman – susanb@parnell.school.nz or Anna Hedstrom  annah@parnell.school.nz.