Curriculum programmes

ALiM : Accelerated Learning in Maths

This year the school is taking part in a special programme designed to accelerate the progress of a selected group of students who are falling behind in maths. The programme comprises 15 weeks of intensive group work in addition to class learning.

ALLs: Accelerated Learning in Literacy

This is also a small group programme. We have run this programme for nearly two years and there are now a number of staff across the school taking small groups. The design and purpose is the sames as for ALiMs – to accelerate student progress.

Curriculum delivery

Our school delivers a balanced programme based on the New Zealand curriculum. Each year the school chooses a major theme. This year the theme is Change.

Through an inquiry approach, students will explore ideas and knowledge and build skills related to the key learning areas of the curriculum. Teachers also plan a connected and focused Literacy and Maths programme to ensure students develop core skills and knowledge they can use when exploring other key learning areas.