e-Learning and ICTs

E-learning and ICTs 

Parnell District School believes in a Digital Citizenship model for supporting safe and responsible use of the internet and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for teaching and learning.   An important part of this is that we can show others what that responsible use looks like while we are using technology to support and enhance our learning. 


At Parnell School we believe that a successful digital citizen is someone who demonstrates our school values in the following ways: 


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Because we know this is important for us all, we ask everyone, the staff, students and volunteers working at the school to agree to use the internet and other technologies in a safe and responsible way.   This is achieved by following the rules laid out in this Responsible Use Agreement and in accordance with relevant laws like the Harmful Digital Communications Ace and the Safe Schools Policy.    The school has infrastructure in place to filter and monitor what happens online. 

If someone cannot agree to act responsibly, or the things they do mean that other people are harmed or disrespected, then we might stop them from using the internet and other technologies at school. 

DC – Digital Citizenship Agreement 0-3

DC – Digital Citizenship Agreement 4-8


Students in Years 4-8 may bring their own digital devise to use at school to enhance their learning, provided that the following conditions are met: 

* The student and their parent/caregiver must read and sign the Digital Citizenship Responsible Use Agreement before a device is brought to school.   This outlines the

   expectations and responsibilities of each  party. 

* All devices must be fit for purpose for our learning environment.   Specifications can be obtained from the school office. 

* Parents record the serial number of the device, and are responsible for its insurance, servicing and repairs etc. 

* Parents are also responsible for ensuring that the device has an antivirus program installed (this is not necessary for Chromebooks), and for checking and updating any

   apps installed on the device. 


School owned laptops can be allocated to students who do not have their own device.  Contact the school office for more information.