Strong learning partnerships are central to all students succeeding in learning.   We work to ensure you receive regular communication about how your child is progressing in learning.

Parnell District School reports 4 times a year in writing.
In terms one and three, look out for your etap report.  This report focuses on telling you about your child’s learning behaviours and work habits.  You’ll find out about:
  • How they’re working at learning time,
  • How they’re showing the key competencies of the New Zealand curriculum
  • Student reflection on learning
  • Student achievement in PAT testing
  • Current achievement in inquiry learning
  • Current achievement in health and PE
In terms two and four, look out for your PaCT report.  The PaCT report is made using the Ministry Of Education’s Progress and Consistency Tool.  This report tells you about your child’s current achievement and progress over time in Reading, Writing, and Math.  To make a judgement, your child’s teacher gathers six months of evidence. Evidence includes achievement in standardised testing, observations in class, collection of work samples, and the learning on display in teaching sessions.  We also invite our whānau to a student learning conference alongside the PaCT report, so we can talk together about the progress students have made in the last 6 months and set goals together.
To better understand the PaCT report, you can watch our principal explain the PaCT report and the information it contains here:
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