e-Learning @ Parnell School


e-Learning is defined as learning and teaching that is facilitated by or supported through the appropriate use of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

e-Learning can cover a spectrum of activities from supporting learning to blended learning (the combination of traditional and e-learning practices), to learning that is delivered entirely online.

Whatever the technology, however, learning is the vital element. e-Learning is not simply associated with modes of delivery or the functionality of a particular technology, but forms part of a conscious choice of the best and most appropriate ways of promoting effective learning.

Best practice e-learning enables accessible, relevant, and high-quality learning opportunities that improve student engagement and achievement. e-Learning has the potential to transform the way teaching and learning takes place. It is about using technologies effectively across the curriculum to connect schools and communities and to provide accessible, relevant, and high-quality learning opportunities so that every student is better able to achieve their full potential.


At Parnell School, the Board has sought to resource the school with digital devices and other hardware that will enable teachers to deliver a 21stC curriculum programme and fulfil the e-learning policy.

The school has a BYOD approach for Y5-8 whereby parents can choose to purchase a device for their child to bring to school. This enables a higher level of devices in learning programmes. Students and parents are asked to sign a mobile learning agreement.