The Education Act gives a guarantee of enrolment to students who live in the Home Zone specified in the school’s Enrolment Scheme. The purpose of the Enrolment Scheme is to prevent overcrowding in our school.

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Thank you for considering enrolling your child/ren at Parnell District School. Parnell District School caters for students from Year 1 to Year 8. The age range for students at our school is from 5 to 13 years old. 

In accordance with the Ministry of Education Guidelines (Education and Training Act 2020), Parnell District School has an enrolment zone. All students over the age of five who permanently reside in the school zone have automatic right to attend Parnell District School. The school’s enrolment scheme has been established in association with the Ministry of Education in order to limit the size of the school’s roll and avoid overcrowding. 

Follow these steps to complete the enrolment process: 

STEP 1 - Check that you are living within our Enrolment Zone and have proof of your address. 

STEP 2 – Email Kathy Brinsden, Enrolment Officer with proof of your address and also if your child is in New Zealand on a Student Visa, email a copy of your child’s visa also.  

STEP 3 - Our Enrolment officer will email you back confirming you are living in our school zone and will also contact you with information on the enrolment process. Places will be only be confirmed when all documentation is complete and approved.  




Parnell District School operates a cohort entry policy, which allows new entrants to start school in cohort groups on the first day of the term, or at a mid-point during the term (set by the Ministry of Education),rather than singly on each child’s 5th birthday (this is known as continuous entry). 

We feel cohort entry allows new entrants an easier transition to school and helps them build relationships with their fellow new entrants and other students already in the class. It allows Parnell District School to better plan its staffing requirements, and minimises disruption for new entrant teachers. 

Once a child is formally enrolled at school, they must attend school regularly. Children must be enrolled in school by their 6th birthday. 

Students who begin in Cohorts 1A, 1B, 2A will be classified as Year 1. 

Students who begin in Cohort 2B will have their year level decided through discussion between the student’s whanau, the  Deputy Principal Years 0- 3 and the Learning Leader of the Years 0-1 team.  

Students who begin in Cohorts 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B will be classified as Year 0. In their following year at school these students will be Year 1.  

We recommend that you check with us as to your child’s start date before giving notice to your Early Childhood Centre. 






A few weeks prior to your child starting school we will contact you to confirm all the details that you need to know, including an invitation to a pre-school visit. These occur on the Wednesday morning the week prior to your child’s cohort entry date.  The visits allow your child to become familiar with the school, their class, and their teacher. While your child is visiting their new class, parents and caregivers will meet with one of our Deputy Principals. This information session will provide an overview of learning and life at our school. This is an ideal opportunity for families to ask any questions they have about our school. 

The Cohort Entry requirements do not apply to 5 year old students who have transferred from another primary school or for children who have turned 6.