English for Speakers of Other Languages – ESOL

Parnell District School offers a supportive learning environment to all students who speak English as an additional language.

The students will spend most of their day in their classroom, immersed in English language lessons, with their supportive teachers and peers. The classroom teachers will adapt their workshops to meet the needs of the English language learners, allowing them to access the New Zealand curriculum and classroom Inquiry, to the best of their ability.

Depending on the student’s learning needs, they may visit our ESOL classroom for specific English language lessons with the ESOL teacher. These lessons focus on different aspects of English language learning (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and are designed to support the student’s classroom programme. Students may also receive support from the ESOL teacher in their classroom, or from the ESOL teacher aide.

Please contact our ESOL teacher, via our school office:   office@parnell.school.nz   for more information.