1. To provide an opportunity for children to practice basic skills and what has been taught in class.
  2. To experience learning as an enjoyable and life-long activity. Children will often pursue areas of interest, of their own choice outside of set homework– we encourage children to be life-long learners. We also encourage children to visit the Library often and read for enjoyment.
  3. To increasingly practise time management skills and learn to complete tasks in required periods.
  4. Formal homework helps children to develop good study habits and develop time management skills.
  5. To provide opportunities for parents to know about and support class learning.



  1. Homework will reinforce work undertaken during the class programme.
  2. Children should be able to work independently but will appreciate your support and positive feedback.
  3. We realise that many students are busy after school with a range of learning activities – sports practices, music and dance lessons and helping around the home. Please consider what amount of homework is reasonable for your child and discuss with your child’s teacher if you have any problems.