School Values

School Values

Parnell District School practices six school values respect, integrity, curiosity,
honesty and reponsibility.



Understanding, respect for property, asking permission, being patient and tolerant , team work, using equipment carefully, fair play, equity, inclusion, being respectful with our words, courtesy, heritage/whakapapa, saying sorry if we hurt someone, acknowledgement, manners, negotiating, whanaungatanga (relationships) re-using and recycling, listening to others, respecting yourself and others.



It’s okay to be different ( tolerance), differences are valued, standing up for what you believe ( speaking out) – how far will you bend?, Cultural identity / Self knowledge.—knowing where you’ve come from and where you’re heading, Choosing a personal direction, Able to make your own decisions, Justifying your decisions, Strength of character, Standing up for others , especially those who are unable to defend themselves, Making ethical decisions.



Being inquiring,  being innovative, thinking critically, thinking creatively  and reflectively, “I wonder if”….. Statements, debating



Telling the truth,  Assessment for learning, holistic, facing up to one’s abilities, weaknesses/strengths, honesty in reporting to parents, owning up,  trustworthy, security, fair play



Consideration for others, aroha, sharing, encouraging others, kindness, looking after everybody, sensitivity/ awareness of others, to encourage, caring about others, love and support, friendship, being kind to one’s self, awhi (helping others) being a good friend, helpful/ supporting, compassion.



Completing tasks in given time frames, ownership of actions and behaviours,  being pro-active in own learning, active participation, punctuality, personal care/ health, leadership/ support/ guidance, awareness of well being and active acceptance of others differences , self discipline, doing my best at all times, coming to class with all equipment, persistence, staying focussed, aiming high, fair team player/ participant, “practice makes perfect”