Parnell District School is an inclusive, supportive environment for all learners.

We support international learners through a focused learning programme in the distinctly kiwi Parnell District School approach.

At Parnell District School, we welcome students from around the world. Spaces for International Learners are strictly limited and managed by our Board Of Trustees to ensure every International Learner we accept is able to be supported for success.

Our classrooms are vibrant and inspiring places for all learners, with individualised learning programmes developed by our teachers to meet the specific needs of our learners.   International Learners engage with the full New Zealand Curriculum with their teacher and are supported by our range of specialist teachers.


Alongside the completion of the enrolment form, we do require some other documentation                                   

  • Two copies of child’s passport
  • Two copies of parents’ passport – (These must comply with New Zealand Immigration Service visa and permit requirements)
  • Health insurance documentation
  • Evidence of your address and that the enrolled child is residing with one or both of their parents

Please contact the school office for an enrolment pack and a full list of requirements for International Students at or (09) 379 3008.


Important Information

To review our policies relating to international students, log onto

User name Parnell

Password parnelldistrict


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